The National Bar Association has four Vice-Presidents.  The President of the National

Bar Association assigns each to one of four areas of responsibility. The four areas

are Divisions and Sections, Finance, Membership, and Regions and Affiliates.

Bernice’s Platform is for the entire National Bar Association and is consistent with its

Strategic Plan. Specifics regarding any of the four areas of responsibility will be

presented after the assignments have been made.


Together we can BUILD A BETTER BAR by focusing on three key areas: 

  • CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION – By providing a comprehensive and premier Continuing Legal Education Program focused on serving existing members and training the next generation of lawyers, we can Build a Better Bar. The seminars will be presented in person during our various events throughout the year and via the Internet. Ideally, the Legal Education Committee will serve as a resource for the selection of topics through the delivery of the seminars that will add to the professional development of our members and potential members. 
  • MEMBERSHIP - By delivering relevant Continuing Legal Education programming and marketing the marketing the National Bar Association as the unique entity that it is, we can increase the National Bar Association's paid membership and Build a Better Bar. Simplify the process for joining the NBA and renewing NBA membership. Timely updating records and adding new members to communication lists are key factors to retaining new members.  
  • FINANCIAL AND FISCAL RESOURCES – Together we can assure the long-term solvency of the National Bar Association by developing more revenue resources, decreasing expenses, and empowering the Finance and Fundraising Committee to create and implement a structured multi-year fundraising and giving campaign. Delivering high quality seminars and increasing membership will contribute to the long-term solvency of the NBA and Build a Better Bar.



© 2014 Bernice L. Walker for NBA Vice-President